5th September 2015
Dear Alumni
In our quest for academic excellence, we at D. G. Ruparel College have always recognised students, both present and past, as our most valuable resource. Although the College continues to offer excellent instruction and facilities for research, we have identified many aspects that require modernisation and upgrading.  The Government funding often does not keep pace with the overall rising cost of providing the latest educational facilities to the students.
Alumni support can make a tangible difference in every academic discipline on campus. In areas like building construction and maintenance, campus development, upgrading of laboratories and ICT equipment and introduction of skill development courses, your contribution can significantly broaden the resources and opportunities available to our students.  
Your philanthropic aid will enrich the quality of education offered by your alma mater. You can be assured that your contribution will be utilised in continuing the tradition of academic excellence that our College represents.
Donations can be sent by cheque / DD in favour of “Principal, D. G. Ruparel College” for which a stamped receipt will be sent. Please send a photocopy of your PAN card and a letter mentioning any specific purpose for which the fund is to be used. In case of donations in kind or other inquiries, you are requested to contact principal@ruparel.edu.
Thanks and regards,                                                                                                                     
Dr. Tushar Desai