Notice Board

D. G. Ruparel College of Arts, Science and Commerce

is a premier institution in the field of higher education. The College has completed more than sixty glorious years of educating young minds.


The College is proud of its alumni who are distinguished achievers in various fields ranging from academics to sports and from medicine to film and theatre.

Activities and Events

We provide a range of activities and associations for students to discover and nurture their talents in co- and extra-curricular activities

Principal's Message

Higher education implies not just the acquisition of degrees but also developing the skills required to succeed in the competitive globalised environment. We at D.G. Ruparel College offer our students quality education along with opportunities for multi-dimensional personality development. We provide a conducive atmosphere and proper infrastructure for research thereby encouraging students to explore the frontiers of knowledge.

We encourage the students to develop their talent by providing excellent infrastructure and training by experts in sports and cultural activities. We aim to create successful professionals who are also responsible citizens; our green initiatives and community service programmes sensitize students to the needs of the world around them.